Tv preview: the arrival of a new "twin peaks"

Written by Frances Kane



When I was 14, it occurred to my mom that I should start watching “Twin Peaks,” one of her favorite shows in college. I remember watching over her shoulder while she ordered the entire box set off Amazon, and seeing the beautiful golden box come in the mail. As silly as it sounds, I didn’t think a TV show would change my life.

Maybe it was the loveable characters, maybe it was the dreamy music, maybe it was the beautiful orange with brown tones; something captivated me upon watching it for the first time. I recently listened to an interview with Angelo Badalamenti, the composer of the “Twin Peaks” score. Badalamenti walks through his creative process with David Lynch, recounting the creation of “Laura Palmer’s Theme.” Nicolas Jaar mixed the song beautifully over the interview, giving me chills while listening on the train. Collaboration and passion is, in my opinion, what makes a great show – the interview captured this and more.

I had never seen anything quite like “Twin Peaks” before I watched it, and I can’t say I’ve seen anything like it to date. Watching the show, there was a definite unity among the cast. They all know that they are part of Lynch’s giant, crazy idea and they embrace it. The mesmerizing score and an almost surreal small-town setting sends it over the top, creating a beautiful dream I can watch over and over.

While I have a lot of hope for the new season, I do find myself a bit worried for what it will have in store. As much as I love the show, there are critiques to be made. It’s a dated show, so I hope that the new series will handle more sensitive topics responsibly, though revisiting a cult classic runs the risk of resurfacing old ideologies. Cult classic revamps also run a risk of simply not being good, as in many, if not most, instances. The final episode infamously left everything in disarray, so I wonder, can’t things only get better? At least that’s my hope, but you can never know with David Lynch, can you?

I will never be able to show enough gratitude to my mom for watching every episode with me and reciprocating my excitement and love of the show. “Twin Peaks” has grown with me, influenced me and been tattooed on me. From your average Netflix watcher’s perspective, from a film geek’s perspective and from a personal perspective: bravo. “Twin Peaks” is treated with care and passion, and that is so special and rare.



A third season of "Twin Peaks" returns to Showtime after 25 years off the air. You can watch the new season premiere here, online with paid Showtime access, May 21 at 8 p.m. CT. 

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