Written by Alexa Smith


People have done me

wrong and the world

makes me feel small.  

So does the guy

I’m fucking.  Sometimes we

fuck and sometimes

we make love but

it’s hard to distinguish

between the two.  

I love him.  He

doesn’t love me back.


I give too much

power to people and

not enough to myself.


When I have power

I hurt myself so I eat

the same food


and I don’t like

to exercise.  I do

things I know are

bad for me but

I don’t care and

that’s why I think

about smoking

cigarettes sometimes.  

But only when I’m



I like to be drunk

a lot.  I think a lot

of things are better

when I’m drunk.  

Like reading.

And sex.  I like

reading just as

I like sex.

I don’t do it for

the orgasm, but if

it comes I won’t

complain because

everyone loves a

good orgasm.


Orgasms are better after

I read poetry.  I like

to read William Carlos

Williams.  One time I

cried into my copy

of Sylvia Plath’s Ariel.  


Read me your favorite

poem and I’ll get it



I have a tattoo

of Kurt Vonnegut and

it makes me feel


When people ask

about it they don’t

know who he is.

That makes me feel

more pretentious.  I read

Socrates last week and

now I feel fragile.


When I was five

a boy pushed me

off the playground and

I broke my arm.  

I gave him too

much power and

not enough to myself.


When I was six I was

alone and I fell off

the playground.  

I broke my arm.

I had too much power

and I hurt myself.


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