Peep Show of the soul

Written by Michael Kolesky


Smacked out

In this classroom

Reading poems

About how poets

Find the spontaneous spirit

For this great

And holy craft

That allows them

To interpret

All the vague glimpses of beauty

In life’s chaos

Nobody else can see


And I’m sitting here


What’s so great

About this curse

To interpret everything

But know nothing

What’s so great

About this anguish

Of having every

Feeling and thought


What’s so great

About this



It’s easy

To sit in a room

And say there’s something


In the thoughts

Of these writers

Translated and defined

In this block titled

Seventh edition



But all an

Idiot savant

Like myself

With cassettes and notebooks

Full of gibberish and ramblings

Supposedly poetic

Can do in this class

Is sit

And hope the existential doom

Doesn’t get too



And all I can do

When it does


Is enough speed to

Outrun these thoughts

Drink enough to

Numb all these feelings

And fuck enough women to

Have someone else

Take my soul


I hope

Years from now

My bastard lovechild

I birthed on these


Is never adopted

By some edition

Of this introduction

Of a demented peep show

Into a writer’s



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