Alexandria Dravillas


Title of Piece: cave creek rd.

Stamps on canvas

Title of Piece: a la luz de la luna


About Piece: "'a la luz de la luna' is composed of three different types of light; reflective light, the sun's light creating a sunset, and the neon light portraying a moon."

Title of Piece: waist


About Piece: "1 in 6 people in the United States go to to bed hungry and over half of our country's food goes to waste each year. Due to increasing portion sizes, more and more food is going to waste. We are forgetting how important [food] is because of the mass production we see, and oftentimes we order more than we can eat. Americans now see food and say 'I can't eat all of that I'll just have to throw the rest of it out (or less often take home left overs).' This piece was meant to show exactly how our society sees food."



About Artist: Alexandria Dravillas is a double major in media art and psychology at DePaul University in Chicago. She wants to combine her passion for helping other people with her passion for art.


Contact Alexandria by email at, or follow her on Instagram @alexandriadravillas or on Tumblr