The Book of SAl Paradise, Or, How Deuteronomy Doomed the Dalmatians 

A film by Jack McCoy


"This was an assignment for my Directing 2 class at Columbia. It required 3 drafts of the treatment, two script drafts, a pre-production package, which consisted of a call sheet, a line script, a shot list, storyboards, and a 15 page director's breakdown, but instead, we didn't."




Tony Fragale as Sal Paradise

Roman Montagueo as Roman

Morgan Satterlee as Morgan

Kaylee Beckas as Kaylee

Caryn Mayo as Caryn 

Molly Malek as Grandma Paradise 



Written by Jack McCoy

Directed by Jack McCoy

Assistant Director, Caryn Mayo

Director of Photography, Tanner Colmer

Editor, Jack McCoy

Set Photographer, Blair Paddock

Production Assistant, Anna Malek

Production Assistant, Morgan Satterlee 


Score ("West") composed by Des Martin

Shot on Canon 7D


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