Zaiah Nicholas


Title of Piece: Untitled


About Piece: "I'm an African American raised in Chicago. In my upbringing I was taught many things, but what I experienced from this city was diversity and uniqueness. Coming from the South Side, I always knew there were no bounds to what I could learn on my own. From that, I chose to be proud of my culture but express personal inheritance, as well, in myself. As an artist for my boards, I want to say my ambitions half came from personal inheritance and the other half from learned experience. In every design, I want to be up-to-date with the "safest" trends — not just the nonsense of what I think my society has to offer. I use collages in my designs to put together comic, old school, or trendy ­type designs that are approved by all ages. I like it when any age group can relate to my designs in a way. I feel that if I can [bring the] city altogether on one artistic [playing field] through my boards, then who knows what I can do next. These boards mean everything to me. They're my motivation, a source of laughter when I'm down, a spectacle for a crowd, or simply confidence for a good ride ahead."



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