Written by Tanner Colmer


I'm too young to be in love. Love is meant for the old and those with nowhere left to go. For the people who are at the end of their rope and need one last lifeline to cling to before sinking into water. You can only wade for so long until the water reaches your neck and you're under. Love is for the damned that seek what it was like to be young again. To feel the air on their skin and breath the sun and grass into their lungs. They cannot remember what it's like to be alive.

To be a youth in love is to be dead. These feelings we feel are meant to sustain us later when we've given up, but will not last us into our age. It never does. The children of this world are too busy for it. Running east and west, going to meetings, going to shows, always on the move, there is no time to appreciate it. I often think about where I’ll be in the next year. Two years? Three? The answer is always never in arms reach. Never able to touch those figments of my desires, the idol of my adoration.

In a year's time we’ll be separated such is the life of children. It won't be long before we can find something to disagree about and drive us apart. They say love is fleeting, but heartbreak will stay with you until eternity rests and a soul can only take so much breaking until its left shattered to pieces lying in alleys or renovated apartments. It's only a matter of time, so why do we waste it? Why do we waste our youths on love? Who would be fool enough to fall in love...