Let's Hear Some Singles

A Pre-Launch Review of Singles off the Forthcoming Album from Emily Nenni

Written by Art Director John Luckas

Photograph by  Laura Partain

Photograph by Laura Partain

I believe it’s high time that the Country and Western music scenes got a break back into the popular music scene. I know country isn’t dead by any means — I don’t think it ever really fell out of popularity. But what I tend to think of as pop country music today is totally devoid of what made country/western of old so powerful. The genre tried too hard to keep up with more popular genres like rock, rap, and even electronica to stay in the public eye. In my opinion, a bad idea. To me what makes country stand tall is it’s tradition. The power of an uncontrived musical voice, an honest profession from one’s heart about life, love, and the world at large are lost to many an ear. I’m happy to say I know there is still reverence for the traditional styles of country thriving today with the recent reveal of three honky-tonk singles by Emily Nenni from her forthcoming album release.


Don’t let the album art fool you, the three tracks by Ms. Nenni are most definitely emotional cuts. The first track "Hurt All Over" sets an incredible tone for this collection. A beautifully subdued arrangement leads into a voice that befuddles the ear with its solitarily distinct tone. This short but sweet track tells a simple but greatly obscured story that intends to pull at the heartstrings. And boy does it pull hard.


Certainly not one to mince her words, "Lover Not A Mother" stunningly hits so many marks I that if I wanted to talk about every detail I would end up with a dissertation a hundred pages long. Ms. Nenni sings just so concisely on the way a relationship can be splintered from unrequited emotion and unscrupulous partners. Adele, eat your heart out!


Rounding out this trio of tracks is "Deep Canyon". While not holding back from strong storytelling this last track takes us home with an upbeat tone and sauntering rhythm to keep you wanting more from Ms. Nenni.


If this release is anything to go by I need to start saving up for when the full record drops and so should you. Please, share the links to Ms. Nenni’s tracks everywhere you can and if you are so inclined pray for a vinyl release of the album!


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