Written by Jimmy Mendelsohn


Sit eat your shit.

people stare

you don’t care

because I’ll always be there when you call and you ball I remind you to stand tall despite all.

yet all you do is watch me crawl around land mines that you set


but when the bomb blows you’ll fail to see that I’m trying my best.

you have me distressed with all of these land mines that you set.


Tick Boom

arms blow

and shit flows and you say ha shows you.

People stare

but you don’t care, because when you call and ball I’m supposed to be there through it all


tip towing

not showing

got a smile

it’s glowing

and boom blows my arm but you aren’t worried about the harm done no son.


I’m the giving tree all you do is take and take from me make from me till I’m done and you

no longer see me a tree I’m just a stump that’s been trumped by his humanity.


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Photo courtesy of Massoud Hassani.