It's okay to like the Pumpkin Spice Latte

Written by Justin Eulalio

Illustration by   Emmy Brown  .

Illustration by Emmy Brown.


Soon every coffee shop out there will be catering to the pumpkin spice needs, set forth by the popular mainstream. This means that the naysayers of DA PUMP-SPICE will come out of their hibernation to knock a drink they’re too afraid to try, all because they knew a girl named Britney that wouldn’t stop posting Instagram photos of her Starbucks cup.


They did not get along well with Britney.


*tear sheds*


But I didn’t get along well with Britney either, so I used to be one of them. I was a hater of not only da spice, but every flavored coffee drink out there— not for the sake of being some purist, only for the sake of not being like Britney.


I feel like to some degree, this conscious objection was common for a lot of other things I claimed to be against.


Maybe it wasn’t Britney who liked it, but it was some other person—Justin perhaps. But not ME Justin. Some other Justin.


Fuck that Justin.


I’ve meet too many individuals who outright hate all that is loved by everybody, and just for that reason. It is loved by EVERYBODY. In their stem of thought, they believe that if everybody loves it, it must be shit. Because I mean, I guess that is how things work?


There are too many occasions where I meet these type of people that brand their individuality as the definition of “anti-conformist” and oh, does my stomach churn with discomfort.


I have a difficult time wrapping my head around the concept of true contrarians labeling themselves as anything, let alone the stereo-type of anti-conformist.


The declaration of categorizing one’s self under this column seems to only be a ploy to sway new recipients towards the idea that they are not like everyone else. I get it.


But not every person out there is a Britney. You aren’t saying that you are Britney when you say that you like Carly Rae Jepsen. Carly is the queen.


But when asking, “Why are you against the grain of what is popular,” these so called non-sheeple minds will give a multitude of answers. In my experience of confronting these ideals, I have yet to encounter an individual that has given me a heartfelt response of “I gave it an honest try, but it just wasn’t for me.”


It feels almost cliche to state, but I’ve come to realize that it is a lot easier hating on what the people I dislike like, than admitting that I am more similar to them than anticipated.


And I feel like that is the universal extreme for the people that fall into this category of “anti-conformist.”


I fucking swear there will be some idiot I meet that tries to say Frank’s new album is shit when they didn’t even get past “Nikes.” And so help me… I’ll cry.


And I don’t want to be that person that makes me cry. I don’t want to limit my love and hate what the people around are enjoying. Sure, it’s okay to actually not like something because you truly don’t like it﹣ but do you not like it because you really don’t like it, or did the person in your 9 a.m. class take the seat you've been sitting in all semester and you overheard them talking about liking (fill in the blank)?


If you are one of these sorry people, just… c’mon. Just, don’t do it anymore. It will be okay. You will be okay.


Go drink the pumpkin spice latte. Get it iced even! You'll probably think about how Britney wasn’t all that bad after all. She just liked to post a lot of food pictures, and nothing is wrong with that. Your unjust hatred was most likely an internal projection of your own insecurities and frustrations. And hey, it happens. Recognize it.

But still, fuck Justin. That kid was a total douche.



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