Groovy and Groundbreaking: Bonelang at Bottom Lounge, A Gallery

By Alexandria Dravillas


Red and blue lights flashed as the groovy and groundbreaking BoneLang took the stage at Bottom Lounge. 


The Chicago jazz-rap band has a funky new beat that I can assure you have never heard before. BoneLang owned the stage with their confidence and experience in performing. The band lost themselves in their own music, knowing that the crowd would do the same. 


The audience members could feel how spiritually connected the band was as they moved around the stage. They moved strong but gracefully, showing how in sync they are with one another. This was the type of show that made you want to get up and move your feet – but by no means mosh. This band’s antithesis of genre and sound makes it stand out like no other band that I have ever heard before.

An invitation for BoneLang to play allows music-lovers to unite over the combination of genres and sounds that BoneLang creates. 


The band’s unity fuels each other's energy as well as the crowd’s. Passionate and at peace, Bonelang altered the energy of a typical Thursday night. 

BoneLang’s new album Set Theory is soothing yet energizing. Its trippy, psychedelic beat is one you can’t help but move to.


BoneLang’s music and full-length album can be found on iTunes, Spotify, and Soundcloud.


Listen to BoneLang here: 


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