festival round-up: warble daze

Written by Madeline Happold, Co-Editor in Chief

Day One of Warble Daze at the Logan Square Auditorium. Photo by Megan Stringer, co-founder and co-editor in chief. 

Day One of Warble Daze at the Logan Square Auditorium. Photo by Megan Stringer, co-founder and co-editor in chief. 

Round the corner of Milwaukee and Kimball at Logan Square, pop up a staircase in between Lula Cafe, head up another set of staircases and suddenly you'll find yourself in the historic Logan Square Auditorium. Adorned with long velvet curtains, high ceilings, rich wood and a decorated balcony, the hidden space looks like an abandoned Souixsee and the Banshees music video set. Strobe lights flashing blood red and neon green only help accentuate the decrepit beauty of the long-forgotten ballroom. The ballroom was revitalized on Friday, Oct. 13 and Saturday, Oct. 14, crowded with city rats dressed in denim jackets and obscure band tees, eager to hear music from both local and national garage rock acts. 

Day One

Warble Daze kicked off Friday night with a performance by Chicago DIY favorites The Voluptuals, mixing glam rock with outlandish boogie. Following was psychedelic Lucille Furs, who released their self-titled album Lucille Furs only two weeks prior. Matching their dress to the music, the band donned thrift store tapestry jackets, flare pants and thick mutton chops. Downtime in between sets featured DJ stylings by Wingtips and Pixel Grip. 

No Men skipped the guitar rock vibe for a grittier sound, bringing fury, femmes and the nights first female-featured band. Not ones to hold back, No Men shouted and cursed their way through the set, bringing head bangers and moshers some relief from the more bop-ish acts. Oh, and no men allowed. No Men's black on black 'fuck you' act was followed by California natives Levitation Room, picking up the '60s vibe from where Lucille Furs left off. 

Lining the sides of the auditorium walls were tables of local vendors including Disappearing Media, Dumpster Tapes, Feeltrip, The Minimal Beat, and Mattie Hamilton. 

 Suddenly Steelism takes the stage and the Nashville/London duo opts for a more instrumental sound. The festival rounds out day one with local garage rock celebs Yoko and the Oh No's . Frontman Max Goldstein powered through the set with booming vocals, wiping away sweat and thick, orange eyeshadow. "Does anyone have a napkin?" Goldstein shouts, but continues anyway, stomping around the stage in oversized platform sneakers. 


Day Two

Saturday, Oct. 14 was a never-ending raincloud, looming over Warble Daze with consistent storms. The patter of rain against the auditorium ceiling was muffled by the night's musical acts, including opening performances by Town Crier. Next up includes Cafe Racer - coinciding the release of their new music on Oct. 13 with Warble Daze - and Joe Bordenaro, young guns from suburb Lockport, IL, bringing suburban angst to the big city. 

For Saturday's lineup, vendor stands included Dead Meat Design, Shuga Records, The Sick Muse, Spaceburger Comix, EO Lightshow and Our Music, My Body, fighting sexism and sexual harassment in the music scene.  DJ spins featured the musical expertise of Chicago favorite Post Animals along with Bunny and White Mystery. 

New York rockers Acid Dad also made a festival appearance, mixing the sounds of FIDLAR and the Black Lips. Out-of-state appearances continued with The Nude Party, known for their shenanigans and similarity to bands like La Luz, The Growlers and King Gizzard and the Wizard Lizard. 

Chicago garage-rock crooners Modern Vices closed out the festival, promoting their new single "If Only." Released the day prior on Oct. 13, "If Only" stays true to Modern Vice's '50s nostalgia with hypnotizing guitar licks and driving vocals from Alex Rebek showing his versatility from falsetto to his signature booming bass timbre. 

Day One photography by Megan Stringer, Co-Editor in Chief. Contact Megan by email at mstringerpilot2015@gmail.com. Follow her on Instagram @meganticss. 

Day Two photography by Alexandria Dravillas, staff photographer. Contact Alexandria by email at alexandriadravillas@gmail.com, view her website here, and follow her on Instagram @alexandriadravillas. 

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