Emily perkins

"All but one of my photos are taken of my best friend Annie who is basically the reason I started pursuing photography. We each help each other grow in different aspects regarding art and life. Although she is fifteen and I am eighteen she teaches me a lot. I teach her about my passion for people and how easy it is to be accepting if you just put in the effort, and she reminds me to have clarity and be peaceful during times of adversity, which I have quickly forgotten to do over these past couple of years as I slowly lose my innocence and ignorance I once had as a fifteen year old girl (don't get my wrong though I definitely don't know everything!).

My love for the human race is another part that plays a role in my love for photography. I genuinely enjoy meeting new people and learning new perspectives on life and capturing that in my photos. I also often change my own perspective because of the things that I learn and come face to face with when taking pictures with complete strangers. Ive found that having an open mind and fluid concept of life makes things run much smoother. The one photo I sent in that wasn't of Annie was of Collin,a boy that I grew up with, a boy my parents practically raised, that I have recently rekindled a friendship with after 10 years a part. It has been interesting seeing how creating a relationship together comes so easily after such a long time and truly shows the power of friendship. Some people are meant to be in our lives and never leave. I wish I could say the same for others."


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