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Written by Justin Eulalio


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Preoccupation just released their second studio album — also second self-titled album — this September 16th. The band is following up their debut “Viet Cong,” (released January of 2015 when they themselves where known as Viet Cong) and this time around they are giving us a more interactive and personable take of themselves. The album “Preoccupations” holds a dark note of familiarity with their old fans, all while introducing the bright progression of how far they’ve come since their last release. Matt Flegel, the bassist and vocalist, never sacrifices his wit when contributing lyrics. He opens the album with their single ‘Anxiety,” gravely stating,


“With a sense of urgency and unease,

Second-guessing just about everything,

Recollections of a nightmare,

So cryptic and incomprehensible.





Immediately after we are hit with the catchy synth line pulling us out of our own headspace and into the mind of Flegel, while being surrounded by ambient drone drumbeats and drowning guitar screeches.


You can listen to my top Preoccupations songs here (my all-time favorite song is “Death” and I hope you understand why):

Preoccupations play at Thalia Hall Wednesday, October 5th. Tickets available here


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