creativity comes out to play

Written by Chenoa Lewis

A weekend filled with darkness,
An unforgettable weekend indeed
Multi-colored liquids oozing down the skinny pipe
Breaking free into the empty, desolate space
Conquering what was once despair

Sounds of beats colliding and expanding
Against one another grow louder
as the demons take effect
Creativity comes out to play
And contrast turns into a magical array

A combination of heightened senses
Blissful tears
How can one be presently peaceful
Then find it all to disappear
With a snap of a finger

The blight world she lives in
Is temporarily retracted.
Superficial euphoria subsides
Fatalistic views trickle in
Like the beginning of an everlasting storm

The rain weeps,
The thunder screams gravelly,
Finally, the lightning awakens her.


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