body skinned angles

Written by Lauren Tussey

I felt my body from every angle,
different angles
just to see what the fuck the touch would feel like at my skin's own
surface value
I'm craving a point of view that's
beloved and gloved
but my drying eyelids beg to differ

I've always been a one woman
doing it without a hint of man I'm
inside myself with my right hand
it's all a cold sweat up to here—
back knees and an achy breeze—

last night I thought about death before bed again
I only sleep when it's raining showers
to my solemned out thoughts, put yourselves on the glowing paper in front of me

I'd rather you place your curvatures
directly inside of this outline
it'll be easier that way, so tell them what you want and then go fucking
get it
my finger creases are proportionately equal to the amount of
words I've spent on human hands
this minted empty intimacy has always been familiar to me


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