Amoz wright

Title of Piece: Breathless


Medium: Digital Illustration


About Piece: In this self portrait, Amoz wanted to capture how various current events in America affect him indirectly. He uses an American flag with crooked lines, and replaces the stars with "I Can't Breathe" in the background. This piece was heavily inspired by police brutality, social injustices, and violence in general throughout America.


About Artist: Amoz Wright has been creating art for 15 years. He established his own art-business named Amoz of Art when he was 14 years old. He specializes in various art mediums including digital illustration, acrylic painting, pencil portraits, and more. Amoz is currently a film student at DePaul University, planning to also double major in art. He plans to use art and film to creatively teach, express his ideas, and tell stories.


Contact Amoz by email at, or find him on Instagram  @amoz_of_art and Twitter @amoz_of_art